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An imaginary character who likes things and stuff. Often used between "the tease" aka Joe Jonas and Mikey, the brother in-law of Kevin Jonas.
Joe: "Have you seen Jinksy?"

Justin Bieber: "Who dat? *flips hair*"

Jinksy: "Own you're shiz, Justin."
by InsertRandomNameRightHere March 06, 2011
a "cutsie" term used in place of: to masterbate, to jerk off, to wack off, etc.
"After my best girl friend left, I needed to jinksy SO badly."

"Did you think about me while you jinksyed last night?"
by darkhairroxmysox March 16, 2007
A powerful but elite selective dedicated to the game of drink.
This NY will be a blast, but only if the Jinksy collective represents.
by dogma6 January 10, 2012