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Similar to the Italian name Gina. Although Jina isn't Italian for "great", Jinas are still traditionally adorable, sensitive, intelligent, and intriguing.

The primary difference between a "Gina" and a "Jina"? The latter tend to be more "classically" beautiful, while the former are easily described as "commercial" or "hott". Jinas are reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and/or Sophia Loren.
"I wish my girlfriend was a Jina."

"I need a Jina in my life. She'd help me debate these insane republicans AND throw-down in the bedroom tonight."
by BevyOfBeauty February 15, 2010
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How big the wall is gonna be.
"It's a great wall, a beautiful wall. It's as big as Jina" -Donald Trump
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by AidanOK December 17, 2016
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The alter-ego a girl acquires when she is drunk that may result in:

Lying for no reason
Hooking up with people she normally wouldn't

Trying to get a hotel room just for the bathrobes

Other acts of drunken splendor

(Pronounced like vagina without the va.)
Party guy: "How old are you?"

Jina: "17"
Jina's best friend: "What? Your 20."
Jina: "Jina is 17."

When talking about a night in first person: I hate that guy but Jina was into it so I ended up sleeping over.
by Nanawamadingdong November 18, 2010
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