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An amazing male with rugged good looks - dark hair, hypnotic green eyes, and a smile that lights up the universe. Charming, witty, intelligent, refined - yet down-to-earth, Jimmy Scott’s are the type of men with whom every woman wants to be. He is very hard-working, but has a passion for his pastimes – most of which involve extreme speed. Jimmy Scott’s are very friendly and have many acquaintances, but only a few people really know him, and only one knows his true innermost being. He is loyal to a fault, strong, dependable and true; he has weaknesses, but only the one who truly knows him can recognize and exploit them. He is loved more than he will ever know. He is mysterious and open all at the same time – a trait that only Jimmy Scott’s can display. He is the most intimate friend; memories of him will haunt you forever. He is an addiction that you will never shake, but you will never want to be free of him.
Once you've had Jimmy Scott, you can never be happy with another man. He's as addictive as crack.
by HoneyRyder February 21, 2011
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Only the greatest Jazz singer in the world. He's like 90 years old and still making music. Ho yeah.
Ava: Hey, you want to listen to Jimmy Scott?
Steve: Who's Jimmy Scott?
Ava: Die. Now.
by freddy2fan April 29, 2008

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