a midget hanging from ones neck by a chain
yo yo my jimmers is bling blingin'
by skim October 25, 2003
a male erection
jerry has a jimmer,

i have a massive jimmer right now
do u have a jimmer,,, yeah
by brettfavresphone May 12, 2011
(n) receiving bad oral stimulation

(n) a defective condom; one that breaks during the climax of intercourse.
"I heard Sean got blown last night." - Chris
"Ya, but Cassie only gives jimmers." - Joe

After a night of rough sex some plan b was purchased because of a jimmer.
by Crotcheola March 07, 2011
A hand job
If my girlfriend gives me a jimmer, would I get kicked out of BYU?
by Fred Ette March 17, 2011
A slang description of any Mormon person
Ah..... What up my Jimmer!

Jimmer please!

Man,... little Jimmers these days
by mikecheck6 February 28, 2011
A midgets very small penis, comes from the root word jim, which means small penis.
That byu player has a jimmer!
by verysmartperson March 07, 2011
noun: an oral sex act that is a cross between a hummer and a rim job.
My girlfriend gave me the best Jimmer last night while I thought about college basketball.
by vanishingact January 28, 2011

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