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One who jims a lot.
A person who's chillin, hanging out, takin' it cool, laid back, looking high, enjoying whatever.

see: jim, jimming
1. That guy is one damn jimmer.

2. Get off my lawn, jimmers!

3. Look at that cool jimmer, takin' it smoove and all.
by PatD September 16, 2003
A latex condom, prophylactic.
Hey man, can I borrow a jimmer?
by Bradder September 11, 2007
To score on ones own net through lack of skill, basic motor control or by accident. This term is usually used to refer to goalies.
He made the save but then he pulled a Jimmer when he tried to pass it.
by White Guy Samurai June 23, 2006
jimmer is a boy who is a dumbass sometimes. he's not the brightest but people love him anyway. Jimmer likes to do Kelly(if ya know what i mean) see: kelly
That kid mooing and stuffing his face in ice cream is such a jimmer.
by Erika April 03, 2005