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A ship name for James Potter and Lily Evans. They are so canon that if they were any more canon they would be an actual canon. The are probably the most important couple in Harry Potter, they freakin' created him! Also they are bamfs.
Jily: We can't hear you over the sound of how OTP we are!

Friend 1: I will go down with this ship!
Friend 2: I ship this so hard that the ship turns into a submarine.
by ishipjily October 08, 2011
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The best Harry Potter ship. Snily? Just no.. eww... you're basically killing off Harry there so.. leave
Person: Jily is the best ship ever!
Person 2: I prefer Snily..
Person 1: GTFO
by PotterheadGeek January 24, 2015
A ship in the harry potter series which is not very popular compared to it's opposing ship "smily"
I ship jily but snily is better by far
by Perfpuppied December 22, 2014

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