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A girl who knows how to do everything, like a female jack of all trades.
That girl Becky sure is handy, she's a Jill of all trades.
by moovsynergy September 06, 2008
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1. a woman who is versatile, and who can perform many different activities very well.

2. the gender opposite of a Jack-of-all-trades
Jealous Girl 1: I hate Katey. She already has the corner office, and she just finished running a marathon.

Jealous Girl 2: I know, right? Did you hear that she's dating that new guy, Eric? You know, the one with the abs.

Jealous Girl 1: Ugghhh! She even baked this cake for Linda's birthday. And, it's amazing (wiping frosting from mouth.) She is truly a Jill-of-all-trades.
by EYaters April 30, 2008

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