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Itz Comes frum the N.O./ Baton Rouge which means Poppin Pills ((X)), Goin Hard,Or Rollin Dancin is involved wid the word to
My Boy Jiggin hard in da club
by 2krazy March 11, 2006
A term used to describe being on X
Man I'm going Jiggin tonight
by x0---taBie March 31, 2006
The apex and climax of an individual's fuckupedness. When someone has drank multiple four locos, smoked marijuana blunts, rolled on molly, and it is halloween.
"Yo next Thursday is halloween, a.k.a jiggins-fest 2010. We're gunna have call that mean short dude and get some molly

"Boo let's get jiggins."

"Dude last night melted my jiggins fucking face off. I never want to do that again. And your costume was fucking stupid. I see I've peed my pants.
by aygrllemmepindatbutt March 16, 2010

To be under the influence of MDA or MDMA

Synonym: rollin
Man, those were some fiyah ass beans.. they had me jiggin non-stop all night!
by john April 04, 2005
a popular way of dancing in texas
i was jiggin all night at kalo party
by pg jm December 05, 2009
the act of rollin on ecstasy.
you take a jig and roll all night.
Damn, we took those orange naked ladies and were jiggin all night.
by J.L. McCool December 07, 2008
Jiggins is synonymous to head, or brain even. Using the word jiggins generally replaces the word head. Cranium, dome, or even mind work occasionally.
-Well you'll never be the jiggins of a major corporation.
-This is definitely not the time to lose ones' jiggins.
-Man alive I need to get some good jiggins.
-So dudes, I got jiggins the other night, and now it burns when I pee!
by B-stad October 26, 2006

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