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Something that happened to a Jigger
"That Jigger just got Jiggered!"
by Omg... MARMALADE November 15, 2009
3 12
An exclamation to use among quaint and polite circles, when really you mean buggered.
"Well, I'll be jiggered!" ejaculated Auntie Gladys, when Gracie won bingo the third time that day.
by chris wheelie April 28, 2005
87 37
Very, very tired...
I can't go out mate, I'm jiggered at the moment!
by Nick2097 October 15, 2003
65 22
The Irish way to say doomed for death.
"Ay. Old man McPaddy fell down the stairs."
"Ack he's jiggered now"
by Sarah April 18, 2005
22 19
alcohol intoxicated, drunk (perhaps from jigger, shot glass)
He got jiggered after work.
by The Return of Light Joker January 21, 2009
5 3
to be pulled in a jerky and painful manner.

often used as an expression of nonexistant punishment.
well i'll be jiggered if i don't get there in time.
by annon. January 22, 2004
10 18
Fucked. wankered. georged. Ratarsed
Im absolutely jiggered.
by JSCC June 06, 2006
5 15