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A word that has no meaning, but is just said for lack of a better word. It could be a noun or verb.
by JablesJhonway September 09, 2010
1.BOOBS!!!!!!! damn it why are you guys such idiots its boobs!!!!!!!!!
Wabflat0 was staring at the girls jiblies in great awe, for he could see down her shirt. he then got in trouble, because he was not single.
by playfullgazer May 03, 2004
The plural of Jiblee meaning multiple pieces of rolled up tape.
I need a few more jiblies to keep this picture on the wall.
by Nickolas Kupper September 19, 2005
Large breasts or a large buttox. A noun.
That girl got jiblies
by wabflat0 April 29, 2004
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