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a sweet, sensitive guy, laughs a lot, has a big heart, is super cute, likes to have fun, usually is caring, a freak in the sheets, plays sports & likes to have a good time
That guy is such a Jhon. He's so sweet.
by juliamcx3 October 24, 2010
The perfect guy. He is the perfect hight for you to kiss. And can alwalys hear you. Sensitive, loving, funny, smart, you always wanna be with him. But dn't get him pissed off. He may look like a normal kid who always loses a fight- but Jhon starts the fights! He always wins. You always root for him inyour head. He may not know you like him. He will do anything for you. Talk to him every chance you get. You may realize he likes you back! He always stops by your locker when he gets the chace, and waits for you by your locker. Even though he knows he'll be late. Never leave his side. When you do, your world gets dimmer.
*Jhon is at your locker*
Victoria: Hey! Not that I didn't want to see you or anything' but the bell is about to ring. You better hurry!
Jhon: Nahhh... I'm fine right here with you.
Victoria: *blush*
Victoria: Well I guess I have to go now...*sad face*
Jhon: Are you sure? I like being he-
Teacher: Hey! Why are you two just standing aroud? Go get a tardy slip!
by Little Mo72 January 09, 2012
A rich Chinese fuck boy that acts tough all the time and has a tiny penis. He will always make offers to get you shit but never goes through. He will always try to square up with u and rages really easily, when you win against him, he either A. becomes your prison bitch, or B. tries to get back you (but fails miserably).

P.S Hates being called Jhonny.
Jhon: Fuck you imma beat you up.
Dylan: Yea right come at me Jhon.
Henri: Imma join in.
Jhon: I can still take you guys on.
*Jhon get ass whopped and now buys drinks to both Dylan and John*

Jhon: You guys want some beers?
Henri & Dylan: Sure come by in an hour.
*Jhon goes and comes back an hour with nothing*
Henri & Dylan: the fuck are our beers man?!
Jhon: oh I'm really sorry.
Henri & Dylan: you will be.
*John gets his ass whopped again*

Dylan & Henri: Sup Jhonny.
Jhon: Fucking stop man

Dylan & Henri: Jhonny.
Jhon: becomes dead sea of salt
Dylan & Henri: Jhonny boy.
*Jhon has had enough and turns red with rage, charging Dylan & Henri, however, he trips on the way and gets his ass whopped*
Dylan & Henri: Fucking Jhon weak ass pussy.
by theone1super July 25, 2016
A extremly tall man who resembles Mr. Clean who turned on by short girls that need protable latters to reach his mouth.
Person 1: "babe your too tall but i want to kiss you."
Person 2: "i know i'm just to jhon for you but here is a latter."
by Baby Blossom July 28, 2008
kid who plays with himself and has no life and plays halo too much and thinks hes better then any body else and plays with toys when there too old for toys and there gay
stop being a jhon you think your better at halo because you beat me once
by mexoshadow August 24, 2009
A 8 year old kid that has no life, gets beat of by 5 year old and plays world of warcraft too much.
Wow thay guy is gay, he must be doing a jhon bergaman today.
by Ryan schoolufus August 31, 2008
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