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The child(ren) of a jewish and italian couple. Generally used in the tri city area, where there is a large population of both jews and italians.
I like jews and italians, so I'm pretty sure I'll get along with this Tony Silverman fellow. I'm sure he's a big jewuido.
by xman098432 October 17, 2008
A creepy guy who is Jewish but thinks he's a douchebag guido. He will have a beard and designer sunglasses. Smokes a lot of pot and wears bling.
Ew, he's a jewuido!
by AyBayBay527 February 24, 2010
A jewish person trying to act italian. Derived from a combo of Jew and Guido.
Josh wears gold chains, eats pizza, speaks booklyn slang, he's such a jewuido.
by Porno Man November 08, 2004