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A person who has both the stingy characteristics of a jew and the theiving characteristics of a gypsy.
I was in the street and i saw a baby falling rom the ski, i cought it and then, felt something on the side of my hip. I then saw a man with a kippah a beard and in hippy clothings running away. I later found out that he had taken both my wallet and my used hankercheif. Man, what a jewsy!
by Baby thrower January 09, 2010
1.A jew who is aroused in the presence of a coupon
2.just a normal kyke with a chode
1. when kyleberg found a coupon for 5 % off a super acme he cummed in his pants! wow, what a jewsy!
2. rumor has it berglen is a jewsy! i feel bad for his girlfriend.
by dankyke December 11, 2009
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