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How Kiwis pronounce "German."
"Justin Bieber is Jewman for basketball."
by yoforeal May 05, 2010
A person who is half Jew and half German. Most likely a mix breed resulting from post-Nazi Germany. Jewman adolescent and babies have special powers that enable them to jump up to 100 ft in the air. A Jewman is constantly at war with people from the Ginger race.
Zach, a Jewman, once killed a ginger while wearing MC Hammer pants.
by Gingervampirewerefolf November 01, 2009
When one person is a jew and a german.
My friend kyle is a Jewman
by PHD69 January 12, 2009
a cool ass nigga...whos a jew
yo jewman!
by yomommaimzonked August 10, 2008

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