Definition 1:The woman's 7th hole between the ass and the pussy. Frequently used for lesbian Jew sex scenes.

Definition 2:The hairy monster that lives between Jewish woman's legs that doesn't get touched often
Oh my Allah she ate out my Jew hole so good yesterday when my husbands weren't home.
by Mr. Jewfro April 23, 2010
Top Definition
A Jewhole is a Jewish asshole.

Alternatively, an Asshole is a Jew. Jews are assholes.
Jewholes ruin the world.
by Jacques Asse June 09, 2009
When a Jew is born, they get a small incision in their left butt cheek. They then get the Star of David tattooed around the incision. This is called a jewhole.
Holy shit! I just got fu**ed of the hurt!
by Lil licker November 01, 2013
A term commonly known to refer to taylor niffons (noahs girlfriend) vagina as a reference to how jews use it for sexual pleasure. A nashvillian rabbi blessed taylors vagina to make it kosher so all of the jews can eat it.
Jews love Taylor's jew hole.
by The Bearen Junge September 07, 2010
A random bit of (alleged) storage space. Most of the time they take the form of an extra closet that's big enough to fit at least three people but has no shelves.

They can also be smaller spaces that one must crawl into and around in, once inside.
Guy 1: Dude, this closet is huge, but why doesn't it have anywhere to put stuff? And why is there a tiny door in the back?

Guy 2: Oh, those're just the Jew Holes.
by TheMollyZ July 13, 2012
Hole of a jewish person, Anus, asshole of someone of jewish descent or background.
I am going to kick you in the JEWHOLE.
by Insanity Rowe July 23, 2008
A descriptive term used to identify cheap bastards who hold onto any cash or cash-worthy item with the ultra strong grasp of a gay virgin's first butt plugging. These individuals will often put money before friends. A hole into which money falls into and is never seen again. JewHole.
Jay- "Hey Paco, the pizza's here. We all pitched in- where's your 5 bucks?"

Paco- "oh, i'll pay you later"

Jay- "oh that Paco is such a JewHole".
by jason strycharz & lucia pelayo January 14, 2009
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