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A Jewish person from a family that contains no doctors or lawyers.
"Cletus Schwartzbaum's rejection from medical school preserved his family's strong Jewbilly lineage."
#jew #hillbilly #jewish hillbilly #jew billy #jewbiquitous
by MyPiranha71 June 28, 2009
A hillbilly that is actually Jewish.
"This guy at the JCC asked me out. On our date he took me to Subway, didn't pay, and talked about his experiences in Iraq."

"Total fucking Jewbilly"
#jew #hillbilly #jew billy #jcc #jewish
by cburgs September 05, 2008
A person of both jewish and southern heritage. A rare and incredibly awesome kind of person
My dad's family is all from the deep south, but my mom is an east-coast jewess. This makes me a jewbilly
#jew #hillbilly #hillbilly jew #jewbilly #living contradiction
by westonice September 20, 2010
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