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Any gathering of a large number of people of jewish decent. Often characterized by cheap party decorations, anything matza, and and chocolate money.
1.The floor of the Jewbilee was completely devoid of change
2.Those people at the Jewbilee were the stingiest people I ever met.
by Diabolical Diabetic December 07, 2004
Jew-bilee is a historical term for a time of celebration or rejoicing in which many jews gather in a jew-nest to do taxes.
"QUICK ABRAHAM! Retrieve the jew horn! We must assemble for the jew-bilee, tax season is approaching.."
by J.Bunda December 23, 2007
A guy who has the "cheap" qualities of a Jewish person, a homosexual(typically wasting money on overpriced clothing), and the name Lee.
Justin Beiber is a Jewbilee.
by EE ZZ EE February 03, 2011
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