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money invested wisely, with regard to future
jew money is the opposite of nigger rich
by REBECCAslut October 07, 2006
Money (in cash) that has been aquired through extremely Jew-like tatics. Mostly in the stealing of small amounts of coins.
1. Don't ya'll come around here payin' me back in no godamn jew money! I want solid white cash!
by Ramsworth Henningway October 21, 2014
Dollars that have been aquired through extremely Jewy tatics.
Mostly in the stealing of pennys.
Micah gets jumpy when ShiftyNiggers come around his JewMoneys!
by blackstar450 April 21, 2009
One who pays his friends in dimes and nickels for amounts over a dollar.
Jack: Hey where's my money hoe *hands him a dollar in nickels*
Jim: Hey, this is Jew money bitch. DO I LOOK LIKE A JEW.
by Jer3 March 30, 2005
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