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The Beard Worn by Jews. very stereotypical look. the look finished by curly hair piece by side burn and a black hat.
stylised by Stefan Komlos.
I've grown a Jew Beard just like Stefan Komlos.


Stefan Komlos is the icon for Jew Beards
by Leakylipslover December 01, 2010
When you cut off your pubic hair and apply it to someones face.
"whoa dude, jon lee passed out, lets give him a Jew Beard"
by dennis schaeffer May 11, 2010
A beard sported by a Jew and located on the neck directly under the chin. It makes it an ideal spot in which to hide money, amongst other things.
Jon shaved his Jew Beard, so now we have nowhere to hide the pennies.
by cooniexp November 18, 2011
Scruff or a carefully maintained beard on a jewish male between the ages of 17-24. The jewish male with a "jew beard" is typically from Long Island, Westchester, North Jersey, Greenich, or the suburbs outside of Philidelphia. These jew beards are prominent for attracting jewish women and most women in general.
That kid with the scruff has a serious jew beard. Look at all the girls around him.
by JewishMale June 13, 2011
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