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A term coined to describe a person not yet willing to accept their Jewish heritage, but often resembling a Jew. Can be used as an insult or a nick-name.
"Dude!! That is one epic jew-fro you got goin on there."
"I told you, I'm not Jewish"
by Beebuns December 12, 2009
A phrase used to get the attention of a jewish person, often male.

What I call a specific intern
Hey jew boy, get your ass over here, I need you to make some copies.

Where is jew boy, late again.
by I have a huge Cock June 29, 2006
name given to someone who acts like a jew.
You're playing a game and get to pick who's going to be out.."umm........JEW BOY!"
by jewboyboy May 02, 2009
(Can be used on a Jew or a regular person) A immature, annoying, funny, potato latka eating guy
Yo Lucas, I mean Jewboy!
by M. Sharkey February 16, 2008
An immature Jewish male.
'My good friend Gerald is an old Jewboy '
by moono April 20, 2006
a jew resemebling or acting as a jew would act. useally has nice truck and gets people to buy his stuff.
Me: weres jew-boy at?

Friend: probly off hiding his jew gold.
Me: hes gonna be pissed when he finds out i took it.
by macdaddy309 August 11, 2011