The most awesome guy in the whole FUCKING world!
Jevons is the BEST!!
by noney ounee dtoknow August 25, 2008
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sweet and funny. always makes you smile. Jevon's are reallly cute with a serious and funny side. don't judge them before you know them, they turn out to be exactly what you're looking for. everytime you see them, you get that warm feeling inside. they're something special.
woah, that Jevon is something special.
by mah nigga ! January 12, 2011
To steal beer from unknowing victims, usually friends.
Dude, I totally jevoned some beer last at the bar. It was sweet.
by MindyMon June 04, 2007
A large testicular area, usually seen on men in shorts or footballers. It is a word that girls use to disguise what they are really talking about.
Get your jevons out!!
Omg I can see his jevons when he walks!!
by Arafan Nolan January 01, 2008
(n) Amazingly talented individual who's mind and talents creates wealth for themselves and others. Idea or object that enforces the highest potential in it's peers.

Usually follow before the word and or name Mack.
Emmy Award winning Actor Jevon Mack was spotted boarding a Private G6 Jet with unconfirmed actress.
by `Beyonce March 18, 2014
A man who can split a woman's lower regin in half because of size of his lower regin
Jevon split my vagina in half
by Snid December 15, 2014
A prime example of a nigger. A JeVon would like to go stealing on the weekends and commit other crimes. As any nigger would, JeVon steals gatorade from others at least when its the closest thing he can find to koolaid. JeVons are also known to be the worst arguers. Theyll resort to immitating you when they have nothing else left to say. A specific sexual orientation cannot be placed on JeVons. This is because they claim to like girls yet they wear girls shirts and color with pink. Finally it is unarguably true that Jevon's like KFC because they are black.
Did you see JeVon robbing that house last night? Yeah I recognized his sisters shirt.
by Pxllx November 11, 2013

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