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Son of Bevans, and a computer genuis XD
Jevans: no no no .. its the left one
Enlow: but i thought-
Jevans: *slaps* wrong, im the computer genuis
by da Jevs May 03, 2011
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Oswestry based slang for a 'creepy paedophile', usually with long curly hair,
''I keep my kids away from there!''
''Jevans lives there!!''
by Scaredlittlegirl123 March 27, 2013
Someone who likes to pick on someone to make them self's look bigger.
Just because he knows them, we can't
If he knows someone, you can't
Thinks he knows everyone
Takes Stuff Too far
Measures his dick with his best friend. Yet calls other people ' gay '
Jevans: How do u know that guy?
Someone: I met him.
Jevans: No i know him, he would think your a guy cunt

Someone: Dude... stop being a Jevans
by Jevans, you know who this is September 21, 2011

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