The high life, the best way to live life, fresh to death and "lames catch feeling we catch flights"
homie 1: Bruh, I been high as fugg all day long mang

homie 2: Hell yea Jet life ti'll the next life bro

Homie 1: man we living life like @JETset_cee
by C. Billion May 01, 2011
Top Definition
To be happy, to be positive, to see all good and be of good spirit, to have fun and enjoy life. Being a super great friend and family, a JET LIFE

Jet as we call my cousin was all this, she turn everthing into positive and fun, we are staring a wave of her spirit and we call it JET LIFE. Being positive all the way, a way of life of positive.
My car broke down on the side of the road, But my and my friends are having a JET LIFE moment. (We are together having fun, and making the best of time even now)
by sirfirewolf August 14, 2012
Curren$y's way of life. To be lifted at all times.
Will-"Man, my life is wack."

Me-"Jet life or no life man, Lets get up."
by Kay_tp December 08, 2010
jetlife is for highflyers for people who like to smoke bud, chill out, skateboard, listen to chill music. Jetlife is like a worldwide family just chillin through life with no worries knowing one day we all gnna go up and chill wit tupac big marley j.dilla guru and James Sprake.

Also a way of sayn what up, be easy, whats good, or peace
Yo imma bounce man, jetlife.
Jetlife man.
by Jetlifer August 29, 2010
A Slang for success, not just based on money. Success overall in life. Living the Fast Life. For example, successful physically, mentally, financially, and etc. Success is achieving a Definite Chief Aim in your life. Which apply's the same as the word "JetLife".
Just Living the JetLife bruh!!
by FatzOlivares January 10, 2011
Not having to do with any type of illegal substance. Simply, enjoying success and the finer things in life, having social and economical strengths, and achieving the pursuit of happiness.
Just another day living the JetLife.
by John Nuketown February 15, 2012
An elite group of high self-esteemed individuals who flash their unique hand signs to signal other fellow members to join in on the gathering. Also to signal a depart.
Member 1: Yo, that was a kickass gun fight we just had.

Member 2: Yeah man, I need to get these bullets out of me.


Member 2: Yeah, jet life dawg. Be easy.
by Lackalacka September 02, 2010
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