When you fly over long distances and your time gets all screwed up and you sleep at the wrong time.
Jimmy has jetleg, thats why he cant sleep well.
by Omri M August 12, 2006
Top Definition
Jet Leg usually occurs near the end of a crowded Southwest Airlines flight. You're packed in like sardines and you haven't moved your legs for 3 hours. When you get up to exit the plane, your legs are asleep and are cramping up something fierce. Jet Leg is not contagious and usually subsides somewhere near the baggage terminal. 'Jet Leg' is the evil step-sister of 'Jet Lag'.
Rawd: "John, how was your trip and why are you limping"?

John: "I have a terrble case of Jet Leg, Rawd"

Rawd: "Don't you mean Jet Lag"?

John: " No, Jet Leg, Rawd. Jet Leg!!

by Twist Weeblow August 28, 2007
When you fly to another country looking for a hookup only to find yourself hooking up with a person from the same country as you. Similar to paratrooping.
Man I was hoping to paratroop with some local tonight but turns out I'm gonna jetleg with this american at her hostel.
by Cosmopolitan28 March 15, 2011
When you're frequently banging different girls with different nationalities, you eventually get fatigued.
Man I have jet leg, i just got back from Greece, but before that I was in the UAE and tomorrow I'm heading to Cuba. I can hardly walk...
by TheTraveller April 14, 2011
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