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When you pick up a slut or slag on a long airplane trip and have sex with them in the plane toilets to pass the long hours of time.

A combination of Jet Lag and picking up a Jet Slag. Not only are you tired from the long plane trip but your tired and in need of a shower from all the fucking and kissing you have done on the plane.
"How was your trip Johnny?" "You get Jet Lag?"

"Fuck mate!" "Worse!" "Got Jet Slag with a Jet Bag!"

"Dats nasty!"
by The Moody Poet January 20, 2007
Pretending you are jeg-lagged when you are hungover from the whiskys on the flight.
Why are you being such a cunt, I am jet slagged
by Grahamhutch September 01, 2006
Someone who flies too much
"No wonder Jack's got jet lag, he's a jet slag"
by bollockyb December 05, 2011