A person willing to stand up for their faith in Jesus, no matter what people think. They are often classified as weird or dorks or creeps, but that just goes to show how sad this world has become. I am a VERY proud Jesus Freak, and I will shout it to the world. I dont care what people say about my faith. I really pity those who put the definitions saying that we are creeps or uncool. Jesus is the absolute coolest person that ever walked the face of the earth. Seriously, He died so that you could have a chance to be with Him, and yet many people just spit in his face.
The Jesus Freak walked into class, a cross around her neck, and sat in her seat as some rolled their eyes at her and others smiled. She smiled back at her friends, and at her enemies, not caring what they said behind her back.
by Gods Girl June 15, 2009
A person who preaches about their god Jesus to anyone and everyone for no apparent reason. They participate in a "club" to reaffirm that they are good people. They don't show people how their god is good they just expect you to understand. These people are not well liked because they do not understand people very well, maybe a psychology or sociology class would help but that to their religion is "devil-cotruption". They are a militant group proved to be dangerous. Look up Crusades under scholary works by reputable Universitys. Usally young people that don't know anything about what life is.
Jesus freak: I love god and he has done more for me than anyone can!
a non-jesus freak: Nobody cares that you love god.
by wankitsfree February 11, 2010
Someone who tries to be both part of an anti-social subculture (see punk for a good example) and a Christian, not realizing that you can't support the ideals used in punk and be a Jesus follower at the same time.
I'm very punk, but I can't have sex, do drugs, or listen to any rock n' roll music that doesn't praise the Lord because I'm a Jesus freak.
by Janis February 06, 2005
A retard saying, "Amen!" to every saying in the bible. AKA Christian Fanatic. Not to be confused with deeply religious Catholics and Evangelicals.
"Thou shall spill the seed in the whore's womb than to spill it onto the ground."

A Jesus Freak: "Amen Brother! Now to hunt me down some queers!"

by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
A Jesus Freak is someone like me! ; a freak who loves Jesus!!!:D WOOOO!
Friend: much happen this weekend?
Jesus Freak: met Jesus!
Friend: o, so ur like a Jesus Freak or sumin?
Jesus Freak: yep, a freaky jesus freak :D
Friend: - I can tollerate u being a christian, but dont b tryin to convert me n stuff ;P
Jesus Freak: ha-yer,dont worry -its ur choice if u ever wanna ask me anything
Friend: fat chance! :D
by TheJesusFreak January 23, 2009
Jesus Freak: not, as many seem to believe, any christian. most christians are okay. but jesus freaks are in a class of their own. every religion has the fanatics, and the reason christianity has one with a name is because the religion is in the government and ruining peoples lives... ahem. anyway, a jesus freak is a christian who a)thinks anyone who isnt christian is a satanist, b)thinks they have to kill these "Satanists", c)is a homophobe (if theyre a homophobe because that's what the LORD says...x.x), d)goes around pushing christianity on everyone and tries to "save" everything thats alive and non-christian, e)puts people down because of what they where or say or listen to if they think its going against the lord or something, and/or f) thinks god will sort the dead out and therefore doesnt care if they or someone else dies.
"Ahh, look at that person flailing about in the water, I think he's drowning... oh well, the Lord will bring him to heaven. If he's not a believer, hey, let him go to Hell!" -random jesus freak
by vaela March 21, 2005
An overeligiouse christain, or at times just a Christian depending on how much you don't like Christians
Oh great, here come the Jesus freaks to preach to us
by Ben January 21, 2004
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