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This combination of words refers to a moment in time when you are suddenly overwhelmed, hurt, in disbelief, or just plain in the Christmas spirit. It can replace several profane words to create a tasteful way of expressing your feelings.
"Jesus Christmas, Jeff just threw up all over that chick!!"
"I think I broke my pinky toe... Jesus Christmas!!"
"Jesus Christmas that's a big present under that there tree Uncle Bernard!!"
by KricklesCG February 16, 2009
A jokingly and less offensive/disgraceful approach to using "Jesus Christ" as an interjection.
"Jesus Christmas! I think I just ripped mah panties!"
by PlasticMakesPerfect April 02, 2007
Jesus Christ for those hardcore catholics/christians who have NO BALLS and will not seriously take the lords name in vain
"Jesus Christmas i dropped my fone in the pool"