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21 definitions by jess hanch & nikkii rodrigues

when someone doesn't have the guts to do something.

For effective use: obnoxiously yell “NO BALLS” when someone is attempting to explain their reason why not to do something totally stupid.
nikkii: "but i don't want to eat an ant"
hanch: "NO BALLS!!!"
a reallyreallyreally big number. but not infinity.
amylee is a kajillion times better than your face.
1.) remote control
2.) car directional/signal
1.) hey can you pass me the clicker
2.) youre clicker is so obnoxious it makes me want to eat younglings
just for fun
im gonna eat 3 pizzas for shitts and giggles
i ate chyo penis
hanch: "hey nikkii spell I-hop and then say 'ness' at the end"
nikkii: ::thinks about I+h+o+p+ness:: "i ate chyo penis.....WOA THATS HILLARIOUS!"
it just means fag, but its WAYYYY funnier
"you are a fagmuffin"
i really dont care but im going to pretend i do
nikkii: i lost my kandy
hanch: aww so sad