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The form of hotness
That is so damn hot, it can only be described as "Jesus Hot"
"Dang, Suzie, is hotter than hot now she's all grown up"
"Some might say she's, JESUS HOT,that Suzie"
by kimmy booth March 04, 2005
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A time when it is so hot outside that even Jesus Christ would complain about the heat.
See also: Jesus Hot, Jesus Cold, Jesus Lot, Jesus Sweet, Jesus Late, and Jesus Early
It was so Jesus Hot outside that the entire world was on fire and the only (relativly) cool place was inside the oven with it set to 500 degrees CELCIUS!!!!!
by not_michael October 11, 2004
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A woman so hot that Jesus would have become erect while being crucified.
Jesus Hot Jocelyn's aroma was one of Chanel No. 5, pussy and the ocean.
by Gauntlet July 06, 2005
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