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Interesting or riveting. Derived from Hellen Keller's attempted audible dialogue. It is frequently used in England. It is usually preceded by "bloody."
"The pope involved in a gang bang? Now that would be bloody jessing!" - Elizabeth II

(John Lennon to Ringo Star)
"Do you think that this song about submarines will be a hit?"
"Not unless you make them yellow, that's about as jessing as your eyes are red."

Common conversation:
"Why did you get me a transvestite hooker for my birthday?"
"I thought you enjoyed those"
"That is jessing you would think that..."
by Braquan Decout November 25, 2013
1. When someone mixes a variety of different languages into an english sentence, hipsters use this tactic to appear more worldly and sound cool, but instead often come off like a tosser.

2. The act of speaking broken english, similar to an illegal worker found in a Home Depot parking lot, but the person actually has a full comprehension of the english language.

3. Lack of language word filter, much like the Swedish Chef, but with actual words and less comical.

4. Being lovable and bubbly to the point english words can't explain the level of excitement, so other languages are mixed in.

5. Opposite of being a word smith, also known as a word tool.
Hola, I have mucho happiness!

Katelyn said no more Jessing, but Jillian said mas mas MAS JESSING bitte!!!
by *Nuudles* December 11, 2011
The act of mooching off your significant other while unemployed.
Dude #1: God damnit, I payed for dinner every day this past week. My girlfriend needs to get a job already!

Dude #2: Dude, she's jessing you.....
by Dysprosium June 25, 2009
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