A very interesting person whose intelligence is matched by grace. She would be something any man would hope to have in his arms.
"Yes i am lucky enough to have a Jessie of my own."

"Man, wish I had a girl like yours..."

"Maybe someday..."
by ~Anon~ December 15, 2008
Top Definition
A wonderful person who brings sunshine into people's lives. Being a Jessie is a beautiful thing and a rare quality.
Man she is so amazing, I bet she's a Jessie.
by Swanky McSwankster February 29, 2008
The most amazing girl you'll ever find. She's sweet, funny, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. She's lovable and never intends to hurt anyone. Amazing personality. Her eyes, hair, everything. Not just any girl, original. Crazy, but fun. Make sure you don't hurt her. You'll surely love her, I know I have. Her smile. It's... amazing. She might mess around with you sometimes but no matter what, you can't help but smile. She has a lot of blonde moments too. Once you meet a Jessie, don't let her go.
Friend: Man, Jessie is so adorable.

Friend #2: I know right, anyone would be lucky to have her.

adorable pretty gorgeous beautiful lovable
by SlowButProud March 03, 2012
Jessie is an amazing and beautiful girl. She is the most interesting girl you will ever meet. She is called many guys dream girl, but only one is special to her. She is self concious about her body but in truth she has a great body. She is the model for all girls.
That girl over there must be a Jessie, because I'm already in love.
by Darren Shan June 04, 2012
Boy/girl name. Can be a boy who is a pimp. He can be cool and give opinions. Got your back

Can a girl who every boy wants. Very smart and graceful.Can be wild and funny.
C'mon that a Jessie.
by Yugu January 30, 2010
jessie's are very sweet and caring. they are also stunning. jessie's normally are very smart, but are also very unique. She's crazy but she thinks it cool to be crazy. she is hilarious and really sweet and will always make you laugh. she is however, a terrible story teller. once you have a jessie never let her go. she is amazing in every way, but she needs to be told that. At first she won't believe you. She loves to cuddle and be shutuped with your kisses. and when she says 'i love you' she means it
guy1: holy crap! look at that girl over there!
guy2: she's so hot
guy1: and she seems really nice
guy3: well thats my amazing girlfriend, Jessie
by ilovecats3399 September 09, 2013
Jessie is the girl every guy wants. She's beautiful, sweet, caring, loving, and can brighten your whole day in moments. Jessie is a little shy at first, but once you get to know her she's outgoing and a ton of fun to be around. If you have a Jessie don't let her go because you'll regret it forever. Jessie is almost impossible to not fall in love with. She is gorgeous, with beautiful eyes, an adorable smile, and the cutest laugh you've ever heard. She's a straight dime. She doesn't know how perfect she is, but you love telling her every second. She's also smart, kind, loving, hard working, and knows what she wants. Jessie is the best you've ever had and ever will. A Jessie will make you want to fall in love, and then you will want to stay. Jessie is the most amazing girl you'll ever meet and if you find one, make sure you hold on and never hurt her, because she would never hurt you.
Guy 1: Damn bro you see that girl over there?

Guy 2: Yeah she's hot as fuck.
Guy 1: she's beautiful! Definitely a Jessie.
Guy 2:hell ya she is!
Guy 3: yeah she is, that's my girlfriend, I'm the luckiest man in the world

Guy 1&2: fuck bro I'm jelly...
by Silverado16 July 06, 2014
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