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An amazing friend who can always make you laugh! She is so incredible, and so unique, random, and just great! She really is an original (her name is spelt differently which proves it even more!), and she doesn't realize it but she is so beautiful! She doesn't understand why everyone gets mad at her when she talks badly about herself, but she is so gorgeous. There are so many things going on in her life right now that pull her self esteem down, as well as faith in others. Her friends will always be there for her, and if you ever befriend a Jessicca, you better stay friends with her or you are going to beat yourself up about it later!
Person 1:Wow, she eats alot of bigmacs...I'm impressed.
Person 2:Her name is probably Jessicca!
Person 1:She's gorgeous too!
Person 2:Yup...definitely a Jessicca!
by believeit! June 04, 2011

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