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n. A tottaly nice and very pretty person. Who everyone adores
2. a cool classy person with a artistic mind (see artistic) 3. someone smart 4. a good friend 5. awesome:
Wow shes such a Jessenia!
by Kathyyycat January 10, 2008
A beautiful girl with a big ass and nice curves.
a girl every guy wants, because she's also amazing in bed and foreplay. she's also smart, funny, sweet, nice, and have an funny laugh.
Josh: "look at that ass!"

Bob: "She must be a jessenia"
by michealstweart September 05, 2011
The coolest chick around. She plays by her own rules and everyone wants to be her.
Kyle: Woah dude, step aside. Jessenia is coming down the hall!
Jake: Well I sure as hell don't want to mess with her.
by pacmaster February 18, 2011
Jessenia is the funny/cool girl she likes to laugh ALOT they get along with Noah's alot. They're actually really funny in school they tend to get smart with the teachers and argue and be a total-bad ass and wear what's in style. But if you're her friend you won't regret it she'll make you laugh even in your hardest times just her laughing or smiling will make you grin. Jessenia's tend to have braces but they make braces hot jessenia's have dark brown hair Hazel eyes curvy body. If you are a Jessenia boyfriend you're very lucky she'll love you till no end but watch yourself when you're around other girls they get jealous very easy you'll most likely find jessenia's with there friends are on Facebook or Tumblr. Jessenia's make everything fun no matter what they like to sing and dance and aren't afraid to try anything because they know they're living there life.
Miguel: Hey it's my ex jessenia!

Taye:Woah, bro your ex? She's hot why'd you dump her?

Miguel: I don't know i regret it though she looks amazing.

Taye: I know i'm going to ask her to the dance .
by AnthemLights69 February 07, 2013
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