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incredibly hot actor with a sexy australian accent. intelligent, witty, so so so so so so so HOT. big roles: was in uptown girls and is now on house, m.d. on fox (he plays dr. robert chase). he was recently on tv guide's list of the hottest men on tv-- there was a big picture of him ahhhhhhhh. I LOVE HIMMMM.
Jesse Spencer is sooooooooooo hot.
#hot #sexy #intelligent #witty #australian #actor #ahhh
by ~*~*~ June 13, 2006
The amazing aussie actor who is gorgeous, and appears on House.
"Jesse Spencer is amazing at life," the girls said in a fangirl tone
#hot #gorgeous #australian #emotional #amazing
by Britto June 12, 2006
The ONLY reason I watched Neighbours in the 90's.
OMG is that Jesse Spencer on House, Billy Kennedy's all grown up!!
#billy #neighbours #house #man-god #blonde
by mmm-noodles April 09, 2007
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