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1) When a male and/or female gets addicted to one of the opposite sex after only talking/hanging out one time in real life.

Also see: Addicted, Obsessed, Hooked, In Love

2) When a male and/or female gets depressed from being ignored after being obsessive with one of the opposite sex after one date.

Also see: Depressed, Hating Life, Crying

Guy 1: Man what is wrong with that girl, she is head over heals for that guy and its been like one day!?

Guy 2: Dude, don't worry about it, she has been influenced with the "Jesse Effect".


Girl: Oh my god, I don't know why he won't talk to me i have only text him 20 times today, we had such a good time last night...

Friend of Girl: Psh, sounds like you got that "Jesse Effect" to me...
by Unknown Lova December 03, 2009
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