a better, funnier way of saying yes, preferably with a slight lisp
Teacher: Did you finish your work John?
John: Jes i did Mrs. Teacher!
by Mojomaniac October 11, 2009
Top Definition
An excited way of saying Yes, in a very spanish immigrant accent.
Jes, Jes, Rice and Beans.
by Marielle, Caroline, Emily, Megan November 20, 2003
- n. a nickname for a girl that is very cute, possibly one you want to bang.

- v. another word for blitz or dump, when a skateboarder falls off his or her board in a rather painful fashion.
- "Hey girl did i ever tell you how much of a jes you are?"

- "Dude! did you see me back there? i totally jesed!"
by coolxkid August 05, 2007
How a mexican says yes, also simply a better way of saying yes; best if used as a single word in an answer.
Person A: Did you see that guy?
Person B: Jes
by Mojocrazy October 12, 2009
Jes is a boys or mens name.

Sometimes related to the Danish newshost and journalist, Jes Dorph-Petersen.

Someone who's usually strongly oppinunated.

Not to be confused with a way of saying "Yes" or shorting down a name.
"We're going to do a microphone check, Jes."

"Don't eat the cat's food, Jes!!"
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009
A person who enjoys stealing, killing, and burning a person's stuffed seal, like she did to mine
That bitch just totaly jesed in her back yard!
by Sulliman March 04, 2009
a giant slut who fucks anything she can put in her fat smelly vagina. some of her interests include attempting to ruin relationships but failing, giving people stds, and drinking until she passes out.
so the other day jes tried to fuck my boyfriend but he wasn't havin none of it because she's fat and disgusting and has stds
by jesisaslut April 10, 2011
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