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3 definitions by SuperAlterEgo

Something with a disappointing end.

Reading a exciting book that ends in a really fast and dull way.

Having sex with me.
Friend: "Jennipher is really into you."
You: "Awesome! I've gotta go tell everybody!"
Friend: "No, Jennipher.. with a P and a H, not with an F."
You: "What an anticlimax!"
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009
Eminem getting offended at MTV Movie Awards.
"I'm just glad I didn't idolise him. That whould've made it an even bigger disappointment."
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009
Jes is a boys or mens name.

Sometimes related to the Danish newshost and journalist, Jes Dorph-Petersen.

Someone who's usually strongly oppinunated.

Not to be confused with a way of saying "Yes" or shorting down a name.
"We're going to do a microphone check, Jes."

"Don't eat the cat's food, Jes!!"
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009