Jersey Shore is the reason God cries
by PurpleWombat August 04, 2011
Fucking retards at their best. A reason for a holocaust in New Jersey or the US in general. MTV's down fall (if there werent any before). A show that makes you wanna become an alcoholic or drug addict. A show that will literally lower your IQ the longer you watch it. Please someone make it go away. Someone? Anyone.
"Wow those people on Jersey Shore make me feel like God must have made New Jersey his emergency toilet."
by Bingflacker May 10, 2011
a show with a cast of retarded phrat boys and girls who make italians ashamed to be italian
Jersey Shore: Pauly D., Mike"the situation", Snooki, Vinny and others
by Dr.Insano April 19, 2011
a beach in new jersey filled with dead bodys, raidioactive water and hookers
uncle tony: so lewie did you enjoy the jersey shore this summa
lewie: yeah it was great, the wata grew back the toe u cut off when i didnt pay up and i even gotta beat some pussy new yorka with my louiville slugga
by uncle lenny March 30, 2007
A show made by the Oompa-Loopas after they quit the Chocolate factory, traded the Cocoa Bean for drugs and alcohol, and start talking in a strange language no one else speaks. Set on the shores of Jersey, presumably in England.
Kid: Did you watch Jersey Shore last night?
Kid: No, I like my brain cells.
by qwerfvtgb May 12, 2011
The eastern most part of New Jersey known for its beaches. And for all those people who say "there is no beach in NJ you go down the shore." No local of the " true " jersey shore says that, we go to the beach. "true" jersey shore is from central to souther NJ. Nothern NJ and New Yorkers are bennies.
"Hey Geena! Wanna go to the beach, because we are true jersey shore chicks!"
by gchxox January 17, 2008
a sexual move in which a man inserts his whole fist into a womens vagina, or mans asshole. and then violently thrusts in and out in a fist pumping motion
brah 1: hey man how was your night last night?
brah2: pretty good i totally got some skanky ass
brah1: did you give it to her good and finish her with the shocker?
brah2: nah.... i totally jersey shore'd her ass til she cried
by gdjck8866 February 04, 2010

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