To say something not meaning to be funny and having it be funny and inturn draging out said joke until it is no longer funny in anyway. Used in a phrase such as "Ok Jerry thats enough" or "Thats alright Jerry you can stop there"
Guy 1-
Ya he was stupid for a football player.

Group of people-

Guy 1-
Haha ya and there are some stupid football players, i'll tell you what!

Group of people-

Guy 2-
"Ok Jerry, you can stop now!"
by Samuel R. December 07, 2007
Noun. To take a shit
Johnny-Joe is so nasty, he just did a jerry in the movie theater stairwell.
by Billy Beaujolais November 20, 2006
Slang for hippy.
This is a backhanded reference to one of the immortal icons of hippydom, Jerry Garcia.
I knew we had a jerry in our midst when he mentioned it was reggae night at the tap.
by jeff wickliffe May 09, 2006
slang word to refer to a homosexual male
He's a jerry. Did you see the jerry?
by Willlllie November 09, 2006

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