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Herpes, but the kind Jimmy Urine of MSI has, which makes them less scary then Herpes and makes them fun...
Girl 1-holy hell i can't wait to see Jimmi at the MSI show, if yah catch my drift!
Girl 2- ew but he has Herpes!
Girl 1- no he has Jerpes, it's differnt!!!
by I have pie for you too. July 27, 2008
1 7
jumping herpes, herpes capable of jumping from person to person.
don't get to close to her, you'll get jerpes
by Jason in Btown wisconsin February 03, 2010
10 2
Dude, it's like Herpes....but like WAY worse....and James has it.

You definitely don't want it.
That's not a cold've got Jerpes.
by The One-Armed Man August 13, 2004
13 8
Short for "joint herpes," which is herpes that you get from sharing a joint or a blunt.
Don't share joints/blunts unless you wanna get jerpes.

Dude. Jesse gave me jerpes.
by metalhead666 September 18, 2009
9 8
Herpes, but it goes to the synagogue on Sunday. Can be obtained through the "herpes hands" or touching a Jew.
Troy, your Jewish Jew-fro'd ass has JERPES
by LiarBoat May 25, 2010
2 2
It's like herpes, but of the jewish variety.
Schwedy: "Yo D-man, did you hear what our jew lover roomate just found out?"
D-man: "What, that his jew girlfriend is going to have his tay-sachs baby?"
Schwedy: "No, virgin boy. He got the jerpes!"
by atizzle February 11, 2008
12 13