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A slang term for the blend of menstrual blood and seminal fluid that results from sexual intercourse during mentstruation and often winds up on the sheets and/or bodies of those involved
"Ew, honey! what's on the bed?"
"Don't worry about it sweetie, it's just a little applebutter."
by grossgab May 31, 2009
Lubricant used to perform highly pleasurable anal sex on a woman's perfectly shaped apple bottom.
Sandra had her Apple bottom ass up in the air ready for Roger to penetrate so he slapped a little apple butter on and drove it home.
by Buster Wider November 18, 2015
Apple butter is the tan buttery substance around a gay man's anus after being penetrated with lube or jizz.

Aka gay men's version of truffle butter
David's ass is leaking Apple Butter after being gang banged by his coworkers.
by Mr Gilmore May 07, 2015
The sweaty funk that accrues between your balls and your ass on a hot day, similar in color and texture to the dark spicy puree of apples used as a breakfast condiment.
Damn, it's hot out here. I'll need to wipe away the apple butter when I get back to work at the paper exchange.
by Jeff's Mom April 15, 2006
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