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to anticpate the return of a person only to be trolled by them.
Chris Jericho jeritrolled the fans by returning only to troll themby not saying nothing and running around like a maniac.
by save_me.222 January 03, 2012
1. (n) - One who tricks everyone into thinking they are excited about what they are not.

2. (n) - To "troll" by walking(or running)around a selected area for so long(also while seeming excited)and then leaving.

3. (n) - One who can easily make many despise him without saying a single word, but by going against what they hope happens.
"Dude, did you see Raw last night?"

"I did! IT WAS AWESOME! Jericho totally Jeritrolled everyone in sight."
by Ronaldo Makudonaldo January 04, 2012