a dumb mistake that occurs in a sports related activity. derived from a fellow soccer player who missed the soccer ball when trying to kick it.
Kadi jerfed the ball into the net.
Katt jerfed and missed the baseball.
Kegan jerfed her serve out.
by Denver 1982 December 01, 2010
Top Definition
A word to describe someone who has a shitty, downcast, condescending attitude. Derived from a combination of that one annoying co-worker named Jeff and the word jerk.
The boss is making me stay late today, and its my daughter's graduation. He is being such a "jerf".
by hujsww May 08, 2014
One who wears a ponytail through the back of his hat.
I thought I saw a jerf today, but it was a girl.
by Bucky December 20, 2004
The act of dismissing someone from a team unilaterally . Kicking out a teammate from a sport or activity usually condescendingly.
Jim just got the Jerf from his clan in Clash of Clans.
by JP16 August 29, 2016
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