Horrible, no talent loser, whose idea of fashion includes fur in her own line of tacky garments.
The fur industry assumes its buyers are ignorant, unintelligent and empty. So does Jennifer Lopez.
by Darkly December 16, 2005
a famous actress and a hand puppet from south park that slept with ben aflec
(high pitch)
me:i am jennifer lopez
chelsea:i give taco flavored kisses
both:don't be fooled by all my money i still like to eat tacos honey so crispy on the outside so super good and yummy.
by jannypowell January 17, 2009
A heartless person who wears fur and even made her own fur clothe collection!!She'd deserve to get skinned alive like those poor animals!!
jennifer lopez wears fur while she knows those animals are tortured to death.How can someone be that cruel?
by hui3 December 27, 2006
A person who is un-describable by words but If I had to put it in a shortened way, Jennifer Lopez is: a tremedously horrible mean goat stuffing evil perverted freak person. Also, she's my cute little Man-Beast (with a mustache?) I love her~! <3
Yo, that girl is a Jennifer Lopez!

Hey, I was talking to Akon, hes such a Jennifer Lopez..
by Cereal Box March 17, 2009
shallow dumb woman. doesnt give much to charity keeps it all to herself. why cant she be happy with a normal house why does she have to have a million dollar mansion. She could have given away thousands to charity and bought a house for a quarter of the amount. she wears fur you have to be dumb to wear fur. a animal will endure a most intese
painful death becuase of her.
im not afraid to wear a big fur. oh how brave of you jennifer lopez. just because an animal is a little less smart than us doesnt mean it should be subjected to intense pain.
by Celebrityhater May 12, 2007
a fucking fur-hag that should go die.
grl1: ewwww... that bitch across the street is wearing a fuckin fur coat!!
grl2: damn. another jenny on the block. lets go throw red paint on her!

Jennifer Lopez is a fucking fur hag that supports the killing of thousands(or more) innocent lil creatures. Fuck JLo!!!
by chinkinthelink November 16, 2005
A hypothetical entity that editors in Urban Dictionary are encouraged to publish entries on. In fact, it is the first guideline.

Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally.
by robcraine November 16, 2005
a fat assed bitch that probly has an ass hole too big to pleasure the largest penises
jennifer lopez hasn't any tread left on those tires, its like throwing a hot dog in a hallway
by billy the sperm June 10, 2006

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