Going for a Jenko

The act of emptying your bladder before :-

1) Going on your lunch break
2) Going on a Journey
3) Doing something which means a toilet will not be readily available.
Work mate 1) Just going for a Jenko lads
Work mate 2) Thats a shout, I'll join you - its 5.25 and work has nearly finished, I don't want it to cut into my free time.
by Mark Jenkinson December 19, 2006
Top Definition
to do something totally unbelievable
I dont believe it, he's done a Jenko.
by Met Office February 06, 2003
1.An expression of urgency or a command
2.An expression along the lines of "holla." Most commonly used upon leaving.
3. A word meaning "messed up", along the lines of "wacked"
1."Yo homie, lets Jenko, we're gonna be late!"
2."Sup bro, Jenko!"
3."Yo man, thats Jenko"
by S-n-C Diddy February 18, 2004

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