A physician famous for Doctors In Training (DIT) video lectures (akin to Kaplan) geared towards prepping medical students to write the United States Medical Licensing Exam STEP 1.
"Watching Jenkins in double speed isn't enough. I still have a strong need to punch-a-size his face."

"If Mary or Mel ever find Jenkins, they'll hurl his soon-to-be dead body over a cliff because of the 'All-timers' mispronunciation. Rough goings, but that's thug life for ya."
by Luis Guzman October 04, 2011
1. One who is especially dirty.

2. One who refuses to shower.

3. A foul smell.

(noun)You chased the women away again; you're such a Jenkins!

(verb)Once again, Chris, you have Jenkinsed my night
by JAKESMITH February 09, 2008
noun. A "jenkin" is a person who is always complaining, easliy annoyed, and usually a bitch. To be a jenkin you would have to be extremely condescending and never pay attention to anybody elses ideas because you think you have even better ones.

verb. To jenk or to be jenking, would be to insist that you are the best at everything and no one could ever be better.
"Dude, I'm tired of you always jenkin', just listen to what I have to say".
by God-like Mythlogical Creater December 05, 2010
A really retarded synonym for almost every word in the English language. Jenkin is often used by akward teenagers and people who can't find a creative synonym for many words.
Phil- Yo I was at the store and this guy told me the chips were on sale

Alex- Oh my god thats so Jenkin
by SchNitsbAh January 24, 2010
A name representing and personifying the male penis as characterized by a rude, distrusting, and at times wild doctor. In the most formal of terms, it/he is referred to as Dr. Wang Jenkins.
"I'm gonna go for a skinny-dip in the lake, Dr. Jenkins needs some fresh air."
by Puppy Dog 1 January 23, 2008
Another term for Marijuana inspired by the last name of the family from the sitcom 227.
I'm Jonesin for some Jenkins real bad.

Oh shit, yo. You got that Jenkins?

Lets get down with the Jenkins, I just got finished making a gravity bong!

Let us be one with the Jenkins.

That bag of Jenkins really fucking stinks.

Did you remember to bring that bag of Jenkins to work today?
by Leroy Jarmel Jenkins III February 08, 2008
Verb: A term used in online gaming meaning to randomly and foolishly incite chaos, usually resulting in the death of teammates.
You really pulled a Jenkins on that one.
by syscrash September 18, 2007
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