Cool hardcore kid who is awsome at rockband and loves my chemical romance. Really funny kid who laughs alot. Loves her friends and hates everyone else. =]
Jen is really hardcore!
by mrs.stickerz September 02, 2008
Jens a person of German origin which likes to spend his time smokin pot and doin fuck all
Jens get ur bitch ass up and roll another fatti
by JaY June 10, 2004
Jens = Surname for boys.
Most Jens's are very smart, athletic, funny and good looking. Some of them can be a walking library. They can be shy but if they like you, they will start to approach you with their kindness. In relationships and friendships, Jens's are really loyal and caring. They will always try to cheer you up if you have a rough time! Most Jens's have a successful life, especially if they do what they love. It can be politics, sports or science - it can be anything they're good at. And they can be really artistic or they can play instruments really well.

Known people who are called Jens:
- Jens Armsted
- Jens Bergensten
- Jens Eriksen
- Jens Gad
- Jens Otto Krag
- Jens Lehmann
- Jens Sparschuh
- Jens Stoltenberg
Jens is a cool guy.
by Jens Surname February 18, 2014
Toppling unceremoniously off a high heeled shoe whilst demonstrating how you fell off a high heeled shoe. Preferably In the company of large quantities of complete and total strangers
That daft bint over there just pulled a Jen hahahaha.
by racytray December 03, 2013
Jens is the ultimate creature. He is the closest being to God, having a multitude of powers, like an internal chick-magnet. He is also extremely knowledgeable, handsome and cool, though a bit chubby. He can be found in that creepy corner, at your nearest library.
Person 1: "Yo, it's that cool guy!"
Person 2: "You mean Jens?"
Person 1: "Yeah, him. Over there, in that creepy corner."
by xMxILFSLAYR January 31, 2015
Shipper dude!
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
Ultimate NERD. Lord of the geeks. Infected by NIMDA. Bando.'s Jenz
by Anonymous March 14, 2003

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