Most likely the best name to have, ... ever.
If you haven't been blessed with this name,
its ok. You'll get over it :D

(and if this isn't your name or your friend/significant other's name then why would you waste your time and effort looking it up?)
Are you serious? Your name's Jen?! Fuck, you are one lucky little bitch! =D


I wish my name was Jen...
by Xx.your_favorite_bitch.xX February 16, 2008
A woman of unparalleled beauty, whose smile lights up a room, and whose laugh warms my heart. She is open, funny, friendly, and utterly breathtaking. She thrills me in new ways each day and in each moment together. I will never get tired of her, for its enough simply to be with someone so incredible and amazing. She may be eternities away, yet still my heart still stops each time I look into her eyes. She is my only thought. My one person and my other half. My dream and my fantasy. Every moment apart is blissful agony; knowing what we have and what it could be. The only one worth waiting for. The best thing ever and forever.
Surfer : aah sick barrel dude, that s must make you feel on top of the world, best wave ever!

Me : yeah bru, it was a total jen
by dvn321 July 26, 2010
My best friend. the person who im sitting next to at the very mment. The person whos gamazing at every sport and look beautiful doing it.
With out her
I would be nothing.
i love you Jenn FOREVER
(her names spelled with 2 ns but i wanna put in this one cuz i spell it with one.)
Girl 1: Wow! look at her kick that ball!
Girl 2: yeahh, thats my best friend jen.
by foreveryoursiloveyou November 05, 2011
A unique sweetheart by being extremely understanding, open & honest. Her generosity makes a heart of gold & beautiful soul. A reason why people like her, even the wrong ones which she has a long history of rising above. Orderly, assertive, wilful & passionate, she has tons of life experience learning from mistakes and hard work to become genuine & independent. It is because of this that she carries a deeply quiet confidence & truth.
This is how she raises unspoiled & caring children, placing value in raising fewer but more well rounded human beings. She's intelligent, knows all your secrets & will know when you try to slyly insult her. She knows how to have more fun than your prude girlfriend because she's pure fucking magic & free of inhibitions, which most people are not mature enough to handle.
Jen wants you to be your own awesome self!!!
by RebelQueen11 May 27, 2014
A very beautiful girl who almost always falls in love with petes. If a pete is near, he almost always falls in love instantly.
Dang Jen and Pete are at it again
by fatcats August 15, 2011
The kind of person who can make you laugh so hard you cry. She is perfect in every way and is unstoppable. She is the best friend anyone could ask for and always knows what is right. (She is usually smiling, or laughing, or...bouncing)
God she's perfect, she's so Jen.
by Jen lover December 01, 2010
One who pwns often at CS, also someone who is affliated with the jedi. This creature may posses force powers such as Force First Class and Force Own. May be found cruising in a 1988 corolla lift back listening to gangsta rap.
You know it
They call me jesus
by Steve0... May 03, 2005

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