Highly intelligent, attractive, and creative. Witty and usually sarcastic. Compassionate & very loyal once you win her over -- warning, she will hold her own and do what's necessary if you prove incapable of being a healthy asset to her life. Ah, and certainly not least she is also very sensual... you'd be damn lucky to get her in bed let alone find a place in her heart.
"Jen is the woman of my dreams."
by nutty duck December 29, 2011
Top Definition
Gorgeous, amazing, perfect everything. The girl who has always been my best friend, the girl who I should've been chasing this whole time. I love her. <333

- Sugarlips
Jen was always my friend, then best friend, then lover, now my love.
by mikev² July 13, 2006
The best thing that ever happened to me, My favorite mistake, the one who got away. The angel to my nightmares, You awake every morning, thinking of your love, having dreams of them all night, the pain of separation searing your heart every time a site or smell brings back the nostalgia of your last encounter. Daydreaming, constantly thinking "I wish they were here so I could share this moment" even when watching Family Guy or walking the dog. The consuming fire within the heart for even one more moment with ones love that defies rational thought, knowing full well, one moment would never be enough, yearning for eternity together. The only girl I truly love and will always miss.... You Know Who You Are...
Where is Jen I really miss her.... :(
by Asehole October 14, 2009
Cool guy
Dude! That guy's awesome! Is his name Jens?
by tiziliAN September 21, 2003
The Ulimate Sex Maskine...
Jens is The Ulimate Sexmaskin ever...
by Morradi November 28, 2005
An amazing girl like no other that can make you smile in any situation and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. She is amazing and epicly beastly, therefore, making her the greatest person on Earth. Someone who you could spend the rest of your life with, and makes everyday new, and amazing.
Anonymous1: The cow howls at sunrise, as the hazelnut of sacks gallops through the forest.

Anonymous2: Dude, that was so Jen.

Anonymous1: Awesome, huh?
Anonymous2: Well, I DID say Jen didn't I?
by Psyekcho February 06, 2010
A real down-to-earth and funny female. She is nice to talk to and not judgemental. She has a neat way of reasoning w/ life. Always helpful, kind, generous and funny. And to top it off. She's a great cook!!!
I was grocery shopping earlier. I couldn't find the taco section due to them rearranging the whole store. And this gal saw I was stumped and told me where it was. You must've ran into a Jen.
by polishedgemajewel July 01, 2011
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