A person who is "jelly" or jealous. They are often found ridiculing other's acheivments.
Guy 1: Hey bro, check out my new rims.
Guy 2: They suck, man.
Guy 1: Wow, you really are a jellyfish.
Guy 2: I'm not a jellyfish!
Guy 1: Yes you are.
Guy 2: Am not.
Guy 1: Are to.
Guy 2: Am not.
Guy 1: Are to.
Guy 2: Okay.
by HushPuppy June 29, 2012
It's when after someone takes a shower, they stop the drain and leave a little water left in the tub. Then they ejaculate in the small pool and leave the "jellyfish" there for the next person/roommate to discover.
you live in an apartment, dorm, or house - where a bathroom is shared. the Jellyfish is at the next level of disgusting pranks!
by Trivial Pursuer December 20, 2010
An ad or notice printed with phone numbers written vertically at the bottom on tearable tags and tacked up on noticeboards, shop windows, etc.

Named for the phone number strips' resemblance to a jellyfish's tentacles, and because the pages appear to be floating on the wall/noticeboard/window like jellyfish in the ocean.

Also known as space invaders, especially when there get to be too many of these notices in one place.
I got the number for a great share house off this jellyfish on a post at uni.
by GWMcL December 12, 2010
A type of high five in which the two participants high five, snap, and pull back their hands in a jellyfish-like motion.
Person 1: Hey man, wassup?!

Person 2: Not much, bro! Jellyfish!
by HarveyLadder October 18, 2010
To go in for a fist touch, but stopping midway, yelling "JELLYFISH!" and propell your hand backward like that of the movement of a jellyfish.

Other variations of this would be snowman, in which you place your fists ontop and bottom of the other persons fists, snail, in which you slide your hand onder theres with two fingers up, and turkey, where, during a high five, you but your thumb out and slam your fist into their palm so that it resembles a turkey.
FIST TOUCH! *goes in* *Stops* NOPE! JELLYFISH! *goes backwards*
by Gremlin1992 March 25, 2010
A bodily fluid found in a woman's underpants with a consistency very much like a jellyfish.
"Girl, I think i just started my period..i better go check it out"..girl returns.."False alarm, it was just a jellyfish faking me out."
by Pirate Niki July 10, 2008
1. a animal that lives in the sea that has no heart and no brain but is still alive...weird.

2. what u call someone when they shock u

3. someone who is really really flexable

4. an evil person with no heart/ a really stupid person with no brain
Alice: gosh tc ure such a jelly fish

tc: i have a heart and a brain

alice: no i mean ure really flexable

tc: i am arent i??
by loser smchit May 14, 2006

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